DHA Rural Sales


About Us

proudly providing dietary, health and husbandry products

for intensive animal industries


DHA Rural Sales is ideally situated on Anzac Avenue, Toowoomba - a main arterial road - and is within close proximity to a number of relevant facilities both locally and within our service region. Such facilities include:

  • Saleyards

  • Feed mills

  • Toll manufacturers and contract bagging

  • Numerous veterinarians, animal nutritionists and other relevant technical service providers

  • Local couriers, freighters and transport operators

We specialise in the provision of dietary, health and husbandry products for intensive animal industries such as poultry, feed lotting, dairying and pigs.

With an emphasis on providing efficient service to the pig and dairy industry, we proudly supply all requirements from a variety of feed components for ration formulations, to vaccines and other medications as well as all animal husbandry requirements.

Apart from our extensive range of products, DHA Rural Sales also offers our clients many highly valuable services. We pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge, with our team boasting over one hundred years’ experience in the animal health industry. We understand our customers’ businesses and their requirements, and provide friendly, professional and efficient service.